Credit Monitoring                                 

Credit Monitoring

Monitoring your credit files with all three reporting agencies allows for early detection of certain activity and inaccuracies in credit reports.

It is essential that you check your credit reports normally because errors on your credit report can negatively impact your credit. Identity Guard monitors your credit files at the 3 major credit agencies every day and will promptly alert you if there are certain changes. You also get online access to your credit report and score.

Product features:  

Online access to your 3-bureau credit report and score.

Daily monitoring of your Equifax®, Experian® and Transunion® credit files. Receive email, text, or phone alerts when certain changes are detected.

Access to Identity Theft Victim Assistance service if you become a victim of Identity theft. Identity Guard's highly trained experts will be dedicated to help your work through the stressful situation.

Qualified information in your credit report is continually being included, redesigned or erased. It could change day by day, or all the more than once a day. Your credit report is a preview of your financial record at the minute in time that it is accessed. Get a report a day later and it could be a tiny bit different and not the same as the one you recently received.

Identity Guard's $1 million identity insurance covers your losses due to identity theft to help you get your life back to track.

If your wallet (or purse) is lost or stolen, just call Identity Guard and they will help cancel your credit card accounts, review your current credit report with you for potential fraud, if you need cash right away, Identity Guard can send you up to $2,000 in emergency cash from one of your accounts.